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So I'm finally getting around to writing about me! Well I am currently 27 years old, although my first graders asked if I was 72. I am going to attribute that small misconception to the fact that they're six or seven. I am from Kentucky, but moved around a lot growing up. My husband and I currently live in Utah with our two fur babies Copper & Rio. They are my children for now. I don't have any kids
(yet), but am hoping someday that dream will become a reality.

I am heading into my fifth year of teaching. I currently teach first grade, but I have also taught third grade for two year. I LOVE teaching and am so much more comfortable with kids than adults. I consider myself to be a pretty friendly person and I love smiling and talking.

Things I like to do when I'm not teaching are exercise, cook, bake, read, work on TPT, watch Netflix and SLEEP! I sure do love my sleep! I'm a real grump without it. Sleep, food, and exercise are essential to my happiness. My parents told my husband when we were engaged that if I was ever grumpy, he would just need to make sure those three things were covered and I would perk right back up.

I am very much a perfectionist and it sometimes drives me (and my husband) crazy. I have toned it down, but my first year of teaching I would cut things out and it wouldn't be perfect, so I would throw it away and do it again. I'm happy to say that I am not currently that extreme, but fighting the perfectionist in me is an ongoing battle.

Along with being a perfectionist I am also a work-a-holic. It is somewhat of a problem, but at least I am aware of it, right? I am the kind of person who LOVES to go, go, go all the time! I usually teach all day, tutor, mystery shop, work on TPT, and try to keep up with the household duties. This doesn't always happen and I am working on cutting things out! And yes, I know I am a little crazy.

A few more random things about me are: I LOVE the color green. Everything in my classroom completely reflects that. I love making anything and everything school related into a game. My kiddos always ask for new games. I am a choc-o-holic. I have been since I was little. Not sure I will ever even attempt to quit that habit. I love to read Nicholas Sparks books. I have reads anything and everything he has written. Red roses are my favorite! I am obsessed with getting mani/pedis! If you haven't ever had one, this is a MUST! I love dressing up! Sushi is an absolute must in my life! I may someday get mercury poisoning from all the sushi I eat.

And last, but not least, the reason I became a teacher! In High School I was part of a Spanish buddies program. For this group, I had to teach elementary students Spanish. The elementary teacher told my teacher that I was a natural and so here I am, years later, teaching first grade!

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