Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why should you try ESGI

I'm currently thinking back to the beginning of the year when I had loads of assessing to do to determine where my firsties were. All the paperwork, documents, and finding time for it all was beyond overwhelming. I struggled with keeping track of all the papers, making individual flash cards, and graphs for every single one of my students. Well, fast forward to now when a game changer of a software called ESGI has fallen into my lap.

What is ESGI you may be asking? Well it's software that allows you to keep track of all your data in one place and assess your students one on one quickly. I discovered ESGI through periscope and am eternally grateful. No more mess of paperwork, creating graphs, and individual flash cards. This site does all that work for you! It is easy, stress free, and is changing my life already.

I have been using ESGI for about a month now and I can tell you exactly what each student knows and what he or she needs to work on. (Notice I have not assessed every student, I am still currently working on that! Being out for a few days has really hindered getting it done!)

You're probably thinking, "Sign me up! I need a time saver and better way to organize my data!" First, I'll tell you that you can sign up for a 60 day free trial, but I'm telling you that you'll be hooked! So, boy do I have something for you! I have a code that will make this product only $159 for the year instead of $199. If you enter in code: B2186 you will save $40. I am telling you this is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! With the amount of time I'm saving, this program is seriously priceless! It has been proven that this site has saved teachers over 400 hours per year! Think of everything you could accomplish with those 400 hours!

ESGI has common core aligned tests already programmed in, but the fabulous thing is that you can upload any test on this site! The possibilities are endless! AND you can share the assessments that you create with your coworkers. AND this data will all be there for the next year teacher. I mean how fabulous would it be to start the year with explicit data to drive what you do with your students?

Once you've assessed your students, there is an automatic, editable, parent letter that you can send home to let your parents know where their child is. There are also personalized flash cards that you can print out and send home too, as well as graphs that show the student's progress. I am currently thinking of how much time I spend creating all this for Parent Teacher Conferences, and that alone makes this software worth it!

I have been using ESGI mainly to assess sight words, and I was able to asses way more students in a short time period than ever before.  I cannot even begin to share with you the knowledge this has given me! It is helping me assess quickly and efficiently and allowing me to be a better teacher. I have graphs at the end of my finger tips and flash cards with my student's name printed right on them! No more taking the time to generate all this myself! Don't be like me and waste hours of time testing with pencil and paper when you can sign up for ESGI! You won't regret it!

Click here to learn more about ESGI.

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