Saturday, December 12, 2015

Candy Cane Graphing

In my opinion, graphing can be a tad boring. So, when you tell your students you're graphing AND there's food involved, their ears are bound to perk right up!

For this lesson, I bought three different kinds of candy canes. You only need one box of each kind because you break the candy canes into smaller pieces. Each student gets a SMALL taste of every kind of candy cane. (There isn't a kid out there that needs to eat THREE ENTIRE candy canes, ESPECIALLY this time of year!) Another thing I'd suggest, is buying candy canes that look different. This makes it easier for the kiddos to remember which kind is which.

Once your students have sampled the three different types, they color a candy cane (shown in the picture above) to look like the candy cane they liked most out of the samples. The students then put their masterpieces under the correct category written on the board. I like to write the brand name to look like it does on the box, but that may be a little much.

Each year I try to predict which candy canes the students will like the best. I am usually dead wrong, and this time was no exception. This year, our winner was Sweetarts. Not my first choice when it comes to candy canes, but I'm also not six years old!

Once all the candy canes are placed on the board, pass out the paper that says, "Candy Cane Class Graph." This is where you graph the results of the data that was collected, and answer the questions pertaining to the graph.

The students will also get to do this with a small group, but when it comes to the questions they will probably need some assistance. 

This helps your students not only become pros at "gathering and interpreting data," but who doesn't love to devour an edible treat?

Want to try this with your class? Grab the FREEBIE from my TPT store by clicking here. Enjoy!

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