Sunday, December 20, 2015

Alternative Sub Plans

We all know that as a teacher, taking a day off is often harder than just going to work. BUT we all need a day off every once in a while either because we're deathly ill, need a "mental health" day, or just need a day to do what normal human beings do. Taking a day off just because is not something we are used to doing because sub plans can be a bit of a pain.

Well, last week I just had to take a day off. I needed to go to a few doctors appointments and I was willing to do anything to get in, so that meant writing sub plans. As I was typing up my plan I realized how long it was really going to take me to type every detail of how to do my reading group routines. So, I had the grand idea to just do what I was typing and record myself doing it. I maneuvered a device to hold up my Ipad, put what I needed up on my interactive board, and just went straight through the lesson. I even called on students during the video and gave them time to share their answers. My students LOVED it! So, next time you're writing sub plans and its taking FOREVER, don't! Record yourself teaching instead.

A word of advice, after recording myself, the video was about 15 minutes, which is way too large to e-mail. So I would recommend sending your sub the link to the video via Drop Box. This was the easiest way I could find to get it to her. Happy sub plan recording! :)


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