Saturday, May 23, 2015

Busy as a Bee

This week we learned about similes, hence my creative title. Every year we talk about similes, I read my kiddos the book, Crazy Like a Fox by Loreen Leedy. They love all the similes and trying to guess what words are going to be on the next page to complete the simile. Although I am starting this post about similes I am more posting to recap my week.

I started the week feeling like it would never end. I haven't been feeling well and have been to the doctor twice this week. No, I do not love been poked and prodded. If you do, as my first graders would say, you are "cray, cray!" I have had serious stomach pain and a sinus infection that I just can't seem to kick. I have been using my Neti pot, taking Airborne, going to bed early, and attempting to relax. I have been using more tissues than my students, and that's saying something! I know it is the end of the year and I am VERY worn down, but not being able to do everything I want to is killing me.

We took our end of level assessments this week and I usually have a treat with a little saying for each day. Did I accomplish any of that, absolutely not due to my lack of  health. Sometimes as teachers I think we feel like we have to do it all! We have to be the best and have something to post on Instagram or Pinterest to keep up with those teachers who seem to ALWAYS have their stuff together. Well here I am to tell you we don't have to do it all. I never thought I would be the one saying that but its true. We are human, despite what some may think, and we have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. I always think of what the flight attendants say on airplanes. First, we have to put on our own oxygen mask before we can help others do the same. I feel like I forget this about 90% of the time.

My husband likes to remind me that I have to take care of myself, but I don't always listen. I tutor everyday, mystery shop, work on my Teacher Pay Teachers Products, oh and teach. You may thinking why are you doing all that? Well, I like to stay busy and I like to always be going. As you can imagine this is why I am stressed and sick and can't get better. I have had to realize this week that it is okay to cancel tutoring sessions and to not work 24/7. I also had to find the good in the chaos.

One of my moms from last year noticed my audible sigh as I walked down the hall one morning. She came in with my beverage of choice, Diet Dp. She said she thought I could use it. Seriously, MADE MY DAY! Another sweet thing happened when a student brought in a portrait she has drawn and framed. She drew me and was smiling from ear to ear as she carried it to me. I also cannot end without mentioning the countless little hugs and hopes that I feel better from my cute students. AND my teammates are amazing. All the first and second grade teachers took a few of each of my students so I could venture to the doctor. These ladies are my angels! They never cease to amaze me with how they are always willing to drop their plans and help others! So, despite feeling pretty crappy and dwelling on the negative, life is pretty dang good.

I love my little firsties and how worried they are about me. They are starting to realize that we have a limited time together. They asked if I could go to second grade with them, but I am sure this is not an option. There are eight days left of school and I am hoping this three day weekend gives me the boost and rest I need to persevere! Enjoy your three day weekend and remember (I am saying this mostly to myself) take it easy and remember, we don't have to do it all.

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