Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sight Word Freeze Tag

Looking out the window today at the gorgeous weather, I just couldn't take it anymore! Sometimes I think I'm worse than the kids with how much I want to be outside instead of in my musty, old classroom! After gazing out the window for a split second I thought, "Hey, I AM the boss, so why not take this outside!"

It didn't take much convincing to get my kiddos to go outside and break out of our normal end of the day routine. So, I broke out my handy, dandy, laminated sight word cards and explained to my students how Sight Word Freeze Tag works. They could hardly contain their excitement as we ventured down the hall to the playground. 

If you've never had the joyous experience of playing "Sight Word Freeze Tag," here's how it works: Gather cards with the words you want your students to practice. I use use the Zeno Sight Word cards from The Teacher Wife's "POW!" game. Choose two to three students who will be it. (Depending on the size of your class, of course.) I have twenty-five rambunctious firsties, so I usually choose three taggers. Once we are outside, I give the students who aren't it a chance to run. This usually lasts about ten seconds or so. Then, my taggers are free to tag to their hearts content. 

When a student is tagged, they raise their hand and stay frozen until I get around to them. I run around to the students and have them read a sight word or two. If they read the words correctly, they are unfrozen and can continue playing. I usually take this time to do a super quick reteach for those students who aren't reading the words correctly. 

During the game I change up who the taggers are about every five minutes. This eliminates the drama of everyone wanting to be it. My kiddos love this game, and I get in quite the workout in the meantime. 

So, take advantage of the gorgeous weather and take your class outside! I have also played this game with math facts or just about anything I want my students to have more practice with. Tomorrow is FRIDAY, so break the norm and try some Sight Word Freeze Tag!

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