Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I wish my teacher knew....

I was inspired this week by a teacher in Denver who gave her students the writing assignment entitled, "I wish my teacher knew..." She encouraged other teachers to do the same after posting some of the notes she got back.

So, this morning I set out 3x5 cards and wrote a message on the board explaining to my students what I wanted them to do. I orally gave them some examples including things that take place at home or things that go on at school. Many of them wanted to write on more than one notecard, and I am pretty sure a few of them did five or six. They were so eager to tell me things I did not know about them and their lives. I told the students that this could be anonymous and that got them even more excited.

The students put the notes in a pile near my desk and were adamant that I read them A.S.A.P. I told them I would be reading through them later. (That answers seemed to suffice for the time being, thankfully!) Many students told me about sports or activities they are involved in outside of school. Some of them told me that I am a great teacher and I make school enjoyable. Other students told me they don't do their homework because they have so many chores to do.

I cried and laughed as I thumbed through their sweet notes. I think sometimes I forget that they are six and seven years old. I forget they have rough, crazy, busy lives outside of my classroom.

I sure do love my cute kiddos and they are a huge part of my world. I haven't had the opportunity to have kids myself and having these sweet beings in my life is priceless. As much as they drive me crazy sometimes, I sure do love how much they care about me. I breaks my heart thinking of the kids who have such hard lives. I have to remember that I need to make school a safe haven for them and influence their lives for good.

I took pictures of some of the notes that touched or tore out my heart. I hope they touch and inspire you! (For some reason my e-mail isn't getting the pictures I sent, so I will update them A.S.A.P.)

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