Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sight Words Heads up, Seven up

When I was in elementary school, I remember loving when we had a substitute for the sole reason that we got to play Heads up, Seven up.  I still love this game but, me being me, I have an internal battle over taking any time to play games that aren't educational. So, on Pinterest, (How did we teach before Pinterest???) I found a pin about someone who played Heads Up, Seven Up with sight words. This of course appealed to me because I try to have a purpose for everything we do. So, we had about five minutes to spare one day and I decided,  "Why not try it out?"

I chose seven students to come to the front of the classroom. I gave each student a card with a sight word on it. (The cards I use are from The Teacher Wife.  She has a fabulous download on TPT for the Zeno Sight Word Cards.) This card is the students' name as long as they are "it." The rest of the students put their heads down and their thumbs up.  The students who are the seven choosers walk around and each touch the thumb of one person.  If your thumb is touched you tuck it into your hand so you aren't chosen multiple times. Then, the choosers quickly tip toe back to the front of the room.  When all the students are back to the front, I say, "Heads up, Seven up!"

The students whose thumbs were touched stand up.  They take turns saying who they think touched their thumb.  (Now this is the educational part!) Instead of saying the student's name who they think touched their thumb, the student says the sight word that kiddo is holding.  If that student guesses correctly, the student in the front sits down, handing me their card.  The student who guessed correctly gets a new sight word card and joins the other students at the front of the classroom. If a student guesses incorrectly, he or she sits down and the rest of the students continue with their guesses.

When all the students standing have made a guess, the students put their heads down and the game continues as described above.  We usually get through a few rounds in a five minute period.

My kiddos beg to play this game and think it's hilarious that each student has a "new name" that's a sight word.  It really is a fabulous, different way to help my kiddos practice reading sight words.

Try it out, and let me know what you think!

Happy early birthday to the irreplaceable Dr. Seuss.  I can't wait to celebrate his birthday on Monday! Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

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