Saturday, November 15, 2014

Welcome to Brynn's Teacher Bag!

Welcome to my blog! 

Over my past three years of teaching (this being my fourth year) I have worked to create many resources to use in my classroom.  I have had many friends suggest that I share them on TPT and open my own store.  Which I have started to. Check my store our here:

Now that I have started my own TPT store, I was asked if I had a blog.  I can officially say, YES!

I have been debating over names for my blog for weeks.  I have recruited the help of friends, family, my neighbors, and anyone who was willing to let me bounce ideas off of them. We thought of so many names that were all taken by you fabulous teacher bloggers.  I randomly thought of "Brynn's Teacher Bag" and so here it is!

Hopefully I am not the only one, but every bag I own eventually turns into my "teacher bag."  I am hoping that I can pull ideas and resources out of my "teacher bag" that will help you during your teaching adventure!

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