Monday, November 17, 2014

Brain Breaks!

Do you ever find yourself in front of your students looking out, waiting for a response, only to see a dazed look on their faces?  As entertaining as my teaching may be, I find this is a common thing after I have been teaching for long periods of time. 

To help my students combat with this dilemma we take "brain breaks!"  My students love to give their brains a break using the website:  We love this website in my class, especially videos with our friend, "Maximo."  We love to dance, do yoga, and move our bodies to give our brains a break from learning. My students ask if we can take brain breaks daily. 

Sometimes (if there aren't any other adults in the room) I take brain breaks with my kiddos and even bust some dance moves.  The looks on their faces when they watch me dance with them is priceless.  They watch me so intently and try to mimic my every move.  I love it!

We love that GoNoOdle updates their videos and continues to make our "brain breaks" more enjoyable!  Check out their website and give your brain a break!

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